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Grace Kay

Ready for adventure?

The daily grind is exhausting! It feels like every day is the same.

Or maybe you're visiting New York and, despite the glitter and glamour of the city that never sleeps, you wish you had a pretty friend to share it with.

Or maybe you're a tired of pretty friends, and just want to share an evening of culture with someone who you know appreciates it.

I'm glad you found me

I love meeting people. I'd love to remind you how amazing you are. I believe in genuine connection, evanescent romance, and the power of good wine, good music, and good lingerie!

Let's raise a glass!

Bring some brightness, genuine warmth, effervescence, and intellect to your life. Look at the world through rosé-colored glasses for a few hours and forget when we are. Let's Misbehave!

A quick note on reviews

I never pressure for reviews. A lot of my patrons  prefer to keep our time private and I am proud to respect that.

That said... you're curious to know who's stepping into that cab with you! I've assembled quotes from my TER reviews, and some things that have been said to me in person, that exemplify the sort of companion I am

Grace's Reviews

"Grace is that beautiful flower who is blossoming into full blown gorgeousness in front of one's eyes. She is beautiful, "Grace"ful and absolutely a joy to be with... Her genuine smile and nymph like presence got me instantly."

"she is a charming lovely beautiful intelligent woman who deserves nothing but your respect and devotion"

"Grace has such a genuine air of sweetness that pervades her every word and gesture. It was an immense privilege to be “Graced” with her presence for an evening."

"I'm just so... unbelievably jazzed to have met you.  Wow!" 

On Women

Women are welcome. And not just as part of a set. If you're curious as to whether I really want to meet you the answer is yes. I want you. Find me.

Let's get in touch

(if you understood those references, we're definitely going to get along)


Anything impolite will be promptly deleted